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Welcome! My goal is to help others live a healthier life by providing resources to develop skills, grow, learn about the world around us, and be a witness for those I work with. 

Everyone can use help from time to time. Maybe you have dealt with substance use, have a mental health concern, are struggling in your relationships, or are just simply stressed and overwhelmed. Whatever you might be looking for health with, my goal is to help you explore yourself and guide you through problem solving so you can live a wholehearted life.

If you're interested in receiving counseling services, please check my schedule and availability at Autonomy Counseling, PLLC.

If you're interested in receiving drama therapy services, please check our current group offerings at The Healing Studio Fargo.

If you're interested in having me present for professional development or an inservice, please send me a message through the contact page.

What is this "Drama Therapy" thing?

Drama Therapy, simply put, is using dramatic elements to help an individual or group of individuals reach personal insight. Drama Therapy uses a variety of improvisation and theatre techniques to bring healing and understanding to participants. Improvisational activities allow participants to explore choices safely, and theatre games help participants remember how to play and have fun, giving them a chance to step away from the stresses of daily life and rejuvenate themselves. Drama therapy can bring balance to life, make new connections between people, and create new understanding of what is going on with the individual, both inside and out.  Drama Therapy has been used with a wide range of populations from young school children to prison inmates from psychiatric hospitals to groups with members that have disabilities, and can be done in many different ways. Check out the "Drama Therapy Pie" to see some of the different types of interventions there are.

For more information about drama therapy, visit the North American Drama Therapy Association website at

The Drama Therapy Pie, by Sally Bailey, MFA, MSW, RDT/BCT

Visit her website at

Interested in working with a drama therapist?  Check out the interventions I use in "Drama Therapy Services."

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